If you’re feeling frustrated after trying everything to help your child read better and not getting the results you expect, we can help. Traditional reading programs don’t work for everyone. Our breakthrough approach can help your child read like never before. We’re the best alternative program for improving reading performance and reversing Dyslexia!

Your child will realize:

  • Better word recognition & fluency
  • Improved comprehension & faster reading speed
  • More reading confidence & motivation
  • Results are quick, effective & guaranteed
  • Reading proficiency for children & adults

Get 20% OFF our 4-phase reading evaluation—a $100 value!

Get 20% OFF the 4-phase reading evaluation ($100 Value!)

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Highly Qualified Reading Specialists

Dr. Bloch’s program works where others have failed because it addresses the root of your child’s reading issue through auditory, visual AND cognitive reprogramming — formed through research and science-based methods. Each program is customized for your child’s specific needs, and by combining reading drills with vision processing drills (visual cross training), the program accelerates reading performance. Your child will love reading!

Success Stories Every Day

“In the span of just a few months, my daughter has gone from crying and throwing a fit when asked to read a book, to asking if she could read ‘just a couple more chapters.’ She is reading material far ahead of her grade, and actually enjoys reading. Her spelling and handwriting has improved a lot as well. My only regret is that I did not take her here sooner!”

Kristi F.

We are dedicated to helping students of all ages (children and adults) become better readers.

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